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Children's Ministries

Children Following the Steps of the Teacher

Youth ministry

Impact youth is a ministry that consists of two goals. One goal short-term while the other long-term. The short-term goal will always align with the yearly vision of the church. This means that we base as many activities, services and get togethers around the vision as possible. The long-term goal is for the youth to have a forever maturing relationship with God that is rooted in total trust and dependency. The establishment of intimacy with the Lord with a solid foundation in the word of God. We, as leaders, believe that it is our responsibility to pour into our youth, encourage them to seek the Lord and provide doctrinally sound events, sermons, and advice/leadership. We recognize that, despite all our efforts, the Holy Spirit is the only one that can do the work of transformation on hearts if people are willing. We never discourage the tough questions, understanding that we live in a generation where believing does not come as easily. Rather, we encourage our youth to wrestle WITH God, knowing that He can answer all questions that they may have/struggle with. We believe that this generation will rise up to be bold believers that desire to make an impact in their own church, communities and families.

Small groups

Our vision as a Small Group ministry is to create spaces where our people can practice the importance of being a community through connection with other believers; challenging each other to be more like Jesus and to cultivate the mission life to which Jesus has called us.

Women's Ministry

Present the Gospel of Christ to the Woman, using each resource, that is within our reach, in such a way that the woman is enabled, and taught by the Holy Spirit, study and meditation on the word of God. And finally, in All things, give GLORY, HONOR, AND HONOR to our Beloved Savior.

Men's Ministry

From the beginning God gave a responsibility to man who has been lost by the increase of sin. This ministry strengthens those responsibilities through biblical teachings to our knights. Instructions to be better citizens who know how to honor all authority and live responsibly. May they be ready to face evil, seek justice, and love mercy. May they desire to pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect and compassion. Men who forgive and reconcile with those who have offended him. Let them learn from their mistakes, repent of their sins, and walk with integrity as men who will one day be held accountable to God. Men who seek to honor God, be faithful to his church, obey his Word and do his will. Leaders who accept all responsibility for himself, his wife and children. May they know how to love, protect, serve them and teach them the Word of God as spiritual leaders of their houses. May their wives be faithful, to love and honor them and be willing to lay down their lives for them as Jesus Christ did for them. May you bless your children and teach them to love God with all their hearts, all their minds, and all their strength. This is the goal and effort of the Ministry of Knights

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